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If you are not yet a member of the XK Club and would like to get a flavour of what you can expect from the XK Gazette, you can download a digital sample here.

You can also see some highlights of our latest offering below.

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If you require any further information on the XK Club in the meantime, or if would like us to send you a sample hard copy magazine, then please contact our Club Secretary, Sarah, on or you can call us at the office on +44 (0)1584 781 588.


This month's highlights...

Featured Article

XK ‘indoctrination’

Young Tayte Fordham looks back on his experiences at the recent XK Media Day

I ’ve always loved classic cars. There’s just something about them that the modern-day car industry cannot replicate. So, when the XK Club invited me to come along to its XK Media Day, it was an instant ‘yes’. To spend a day filming classic Jaguars – who would decline that invitation? The event was held at Bicester Heritage, which is like entering a haven for classic cars — a place where they can be loved and admired...

...Before the ‘indoctrination’, it was time to head to the Bicester Heritage test track. For a younger individual, it’s hard to believe at first glance that the XK is a fast-moving vehicle, let alone the fastest production car in the world when it was first unveiled. But during my first outing in a green XK 120, owned by Don Mitchell, I soon found out that the beautiful, elegant exterior was just a distraction from the monster that was underneath. It’s like the XK is a road-going interpretation of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, but in a good way.


XK Centric


The unique Michelotti-bodied Jaguar XK 140 failed to sell – on the day, at least – when it crossed the block at the RM Sotheby’s Cliveden House auction on 12 June. Chassis number S814286 was built on 25 May 1955 as a standard left-handdrive XK 140 SE FHC, and was finished in Cream over a Duo-Blue interior. It was sold via Parisbased Charles Delecroix to its first owner, a lady named Mademoiselle Jeanne Gaymard.

After it had been involved in an accident in 1957, the XK was sent to renowned Italian designer Giovanni Michelotti, who came up with an aluminium ‘fastback coupé’ body. The interior was also redesigned, with much of the switchgear apparently being taken from contemporary Lancia...

Michelotti 140.jpg



Believe it or not, it is nearly 27 years since Julie and I formed this club. However, in spite of that, we remain as keen as ever to make it as enjoyable as possible for fellow XK enthusiasts. So, if you have any suggestions as to how we can improve the club or make it more relevant or enjoyable for you, do please let us know. This applies to the various aspects of the club – the magazine, the events and so on.


With regard to the magazine, please tell us if there are particular topics you would like covered and we will do our best to include such features. As to events, we try to offer a broad spread in the hope of providing something that appeals to you. These range from full-blown international tours, of varying types, to drives organised by our wonderful Club Representatives, from technical seminars to regional lunches. 

Inevitably, the XK being a British car, much of what we organise is in the UK, but our overseas members are just as important to us and, where practical, we are keen to have XK events in every country...

Philip Porter

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