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Welcome to the International Jaguar XK Club

Welcome to the International Jaguar XK Club

The only International Club dedicated
to classic XK120s, 140s and 150s


Club News


We have just returned from a thoroughly enjoyable weekend celebrating 75 years of the Jaguar XK with a wonderful gathering of Club members and friends – some joining us from the Continent and as far away as Singapore and Australia. Thank you to all who came to celebrate with us.

We'll have more details on the weekend's events in an upcoming Gazette, and you'll find a link to the photo gallery below.

In other event news, our Classic Motor Cars Technical Seminar is fast approaching – 21 October. These always book up quickly so, again, don’t leave it too late!

XK75 Rally Plates

We have a few rally plates remaining, so if you would like an XK75 souvenir, click button below.


Latest Magazine

A Scandi flavour to our travel tales this month – Part 2 of the Southern France to Norway adventure and a report on the Classics on the Road Norway tour from early summer. In techy tales we have the final part of an XK140 restoration story, and a look at XK120 exhausts.



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Jaguar Heritage Certificates

Since 1931, details of every SS and Jaguar vehicle that has been produced have been recorded. Initially in a bound ledger which was completed as a vehicle made its way down the production line; from the 1980s a computerised system to recording the same details.

XK Club Calendar – Featured Events

Featured Article

XK 120 twin-pipe exhausts

A detailed description of the dual exhaust system used on the XK 120 between 1951 and 1954

Jaguar published its Service Bulletin 95 – ‘Tuning modifications on XK.120 cars for competition purposes’ – in June 1951. One of the items detailed within was a ‘dual exhaust’. The text states: ‘To obtain the maximum performance with any of the three compression ratios referred to, a special dual exhaust system, Assembly No C.5700, should be fitted. This should be installed as shown on Drawing No C.5700 which can be provided. Note, however, that when fitted, this exhaust system reduces the ground clearance by approximately 2 inches.’

Jaguar had just won the 1951 Le Mans 24 Hours with its C-type XKC 003, generating much publicity, and XK 120 owners wanted to upgrade their cars accordingly and/or take part in racing events. Note that many of the listed modifications had been developed for the C-type and the ‘gesture’ of Jaguar management to share and sell these modifications to their customers was...


XKs in the News

XKSS wins 1950s class at Concours of Elegance 2023

This 1956 Jaguar XKSS (above) took the top prize in the 1950s class at the 2023 Concours of Elegance, which returned to Hampton Court Palace on 1-3 September. Jaguar’s official withdrawal from motorsport in late 1956 meant that several D-types remained unsold or unfinished. Sir William Lyons, seeing the potential for sales success in the United States, therefore ordered a small run of road-going versions to be built using the remaining D-types, to be called the XKSS.

Chassis number XKD 550 is the 16th and final D-type to be converted to XKSS specification by the factory. It was dispatched to Jaguar...


About us

The website, which is actively managed and often updated daily, has a 'Members’ Only' section with a library of technical articles and is ever-expanding.

The Club’s emphasis is very much on using our cars – the XK was designed to be driven!

Thus we have a wide range of events from runs to international tours,  from lunches to weekends, from track days to technical seminars. Many are free of charge or the cost is modest. Above all, we aim to give value for money. Some are organised by HQ, and some by our splendid volunteer Representatives around the UK, Europe, the USA, Australia and many other countries.

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Philip Porter

Getting on for 30 years ago, I made a speaking tour of Australia, 
meeting some special people and making some lasting friendships with such as John Elmgreen, who joined us for XK75, Terry McGrath and Les Hughes, with whom I stayed in Brisbane and who took me to visit the old Ecurie Ecosse mechanic Ron Gaudion.

Like many of us, Les has been what I once described as ‘an unpaid PR man’ for Jaguar for umpteen years. He started his superb Jaguar Magazine in 1984. He has just produced what will probably be his last issue. Reading his editorial made me very sad. Most unfortunately, illness has impacted on this family-run venture but the real killer is a lack of advertising. Social media is murdering traditional print magazines. We ourselves are very concerned and greatly appreciate our remaining, loyal advertisers.

For some while, Les has been scathing in his criticism of Jaguar. He was outraged by the C-type replica legal action by JLR. He also points out...

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Why Buy an XK?

Apart from the emotional aspects, there are a number of hard-headed reasons to buy a classic XK.

Reliability – there is no point in owning a classic car unless you can use and enjoy it, and do so with confidence it is not going to let you down. We have members who have clocked up 100,000 miles in 10 years, in some of the world’s toughest terrain, with no problems. All the XK mechanical components were used in the higher volume saloon cars (sedans) and many were proved at Le Mans. This makes the XKs different...

Why Join the XK Club?

  • The opportunity to participate in a wide range of International events, including tours, track days, dinners, factory tours, motoring weekends, hillclimbs and lunches 

  • Monthly 68+ page magazine —The XK Gazette

  • Expert technical advice

  • Free Classified advertisements

  • Discounts on parts, services & more

  • Buyer's Guide

  • Club Shop

  • Technical advice

Porter Press International

Porter Press publishes the finest selection of top quality Jaguar books in the world, bar none and these are just some of the titles in their portfolio...

Check with Club HQ for your member discount code (valid on most Porter Press titles).

Original Jaguar XK

Reprinted third edition of this perennial best-seller. After five reprints, this book has established itself as the XK bible.

Jaguar C-type - The Autobiography of XKC 051-type

This glorious book tells the story of the celebrated lightweight Jaguar C-type, chassis number XKC 051, that Duncan...

Jaguar XK DIY Restoration & Maintenance

Complete DIY restoration of an early Jaguar XK 120. This is the story of how one man completely restored his 120 roadster...

Jaguar XK 120 - The story of 660725

The third title in the Porter Press Profiles series tells the incredible ‘Ripping Yarn’ of a well-travelled Jaguar XK 120.

Jaguar D-type - The autobiography of XKD 504

The story of one of the most historically interesting of all Jaguar D-types – a car that has raced more than any other D-type.

Jaguar XK 120 - The remarkable history of JWK 651

The story of one of the six alloy-bodied XK 120s that were prepared by Jaguar in 1950 for racing and rallying. It raced in some of the...

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