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Welcome to the International Jaguar XK Club

Welcome to the International Jaguar XK Club

The only International Club dedicated
to classic XK120s, 140s and 150s


Club News

Following a couple of conversations during our XK75 weekend, I wanted to take the opportunity to remind members of our XK Club social media accounts. In case you’re not aware, we use both Facebook and Instagram, so please do follow us on both platforms – the relevant links are at the bottom of this Home Page.

I would like to issue a fresh request to anyone who would like to get more involved in events near them – we have a few vacancies for Area Representatives, and it would be wonderful to fill those so as many regions as possible have an active local ‘scene’. If you want to have a chat about what the role might involve, or if you have any thoughts or suggestions for your area, please let me know.

And don't forget to visit our XK75 Weekend gallery – link below.


Jaguar Heritage Certificates

Since 1931, details of every SS and Jaguar vehicle that has been produced have been recorded. Initially in a bound ledger which was completed as a vehicle made its way down the production line; from the 1980s a computerised system to recording the same details.

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Latest Magazine

Tales from the XK75 Tour and Weekend this issue, along with continuing European/Scandi adventures. And with the driving season coming to a close, we have advice on humidity control when storing your car.



XK Club Calendar – Featured Events

Featured Article

Cape Cold to Cape Warm

Phillip Haslam concludes the story of his journey around Europe in his XK 120

Originally, I called our trip Cape Cold to Cape Warm, although perhaps, bearing in mind that Hurtigruten couldn’t drop us off at Nordkapp, I should consider retitling it: ‘Cape Slightly Chilly to Cape Warm’. Where to begin? Well, firstly one of the stars of my previous epistle turned out to be a fallen star. The enthusiastic fellows who repaired the puncture forgot to check the tyre, with the result that the following morning it was flat again – although only at the bottom…

Great shame, because they were so obliging. Anyway, rapid wheel change and we were away in 10 minutes or so. Now at this stage, I have to admit to a dreadful faux pas. Geography was always a strong point at school, and I’ve always poured over maps and thought that I generally knew which countries bounded which. Imagine my surprise, then, when I discovered that we had stumbled across Slovakia rather than the expected Czech Republic.


I don’t know who was more surprised, the Slovaks or us! In reality, we were very close indeed and, as I claimed to anyone who would listen, an easy mistake to make. In fact, when consulting her map, Yvonne was convinced that we were so close that our hotel bedroom was in Slovakia, whereas the bathroom was in the Czech Republic.

As we travelled through South Slovakia, approaching Austria, what was that in the distance? Oh my gosh – a hill. We realised that the last time we had seen such a thing was in southern Norway. Our whole journey through Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland had been as flat as unleavened bread. So a slight gradient was greeted with delight – yet another opportunity to...


XKs in the News

Two XKs at Iconic Auctioneers’ NEC Motor Show auction

Iconic Auctioneers (formerly Silverstone Auctions) has two XK lots in its upcoming sale at the NEC Motor Show on 11 November. The 1955 XK 140 Drophead Coupé shown above – chassis number 807170 – has a guide price of £80,000-£100,000. Completed on 16 June 1955, it was despatched on 24 June to Belle Vale Service Station (later Henlys, Manchester) prior to being delivered to its first owner – a Leo McParland of Wallasey, who registered it as DHF 28.
In 2014, the XK 140 had a full engine rebuild with a new clutch, a five-speed T5 gearbox conversion, power-steering kit and upgraded cooling fan.

Also listed is a 1958 XK 150 3.4 Roadster,chassis number S830464, which has a guide price of £65,000- £75,000. The left-hand drive XK 150 was despatched to Jaguar Cars, New York on...


About us

The website, which is actively managed and often updated daily, has a 'Members’ Only' section with a library of technical articles and is ever-expanding.

The Club’s emphasis is very much on using our cars – the XK was designed to be driven!

Thus we have a wide range of events from runs to international tours,  from lunches to weekends, from track days to technical seminars. Many are free of charge or the cost is modest. Above all, we aim to give value for money. Some are organised by HQ, and some by our splendid volunteer Representatives around the UK, Europe, the USA, Australia and many other countries.

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One of the things I enjoyed most about our XK75 Weekend was the number of very long-term XK owners gathered together. Of course it was great to see and meet many more recent members of the ‘XK family’ but I am sure they will understand when I say it was particularly special to spend time with those who go back to the ’60s – people such as Sir Henry Elwes, David Cottingham, Michael Wooding, Harry Medcalf and Henry Gerlinger (over from Austria). Many apologies if I have missed anyone (not sure quite how far back certain other members go, such as Bruce Cornwell).

It just proves how superb XKs are. David Cottingham is a good example of this statement. The company he and Kate founded specialises in Ferraris. David must have driven as many examples as anyone, from the oldest to the newest, and many other so-called ‘exotic’ cars. His great love is still XKs.

This past week, we had a ‘summit’ meeting here of a number of leading members of the XK ‘trade’, including Julian Barratt, Guy Broad, Nik and Harry Rochez (Twyford Moors), James Mitchell and Johnny Shears (Pendine), Peter Hugo (Winspeed) and Jenni Austin (Aldridge Trimming) – all great supporters of the XK Club – plus younger member Simon Johnson, Shan Stokes from the HCVA (Historic and Classic Vehicle Alliance) and our own Rob Schulp and Sarah King. Unfortunately Ian Turner of Turner Classics had Covid and several others were unable to attend at the last minute. It was a stimulating day that everyone found very worthwhile. We will include a report...

PP editorial Jan 2022.png

Philip Porter

Why Buy an XK?

Apart from the emotional aspects, there are a number of hard-headed reasons to buy a classic XK.

Reliability – there is no point in owning a classic car unless you can use and enjoy it, and do so with confidence it is not going to let you down. We have members who have clocked up 100,000 miles in 10 years, in some of the world’s toughest terrain, with no problems. All the XK mechanical components were used in the higher volume saloon cars (sedans) and many were proved at Le Mans. This makes the XKs different...

Why Join the XK Club?

  • The opportunity to participate in a wide range of International events, including tours, track days, dinners, factory tours, motoring weekends, hillclimbs and lunches 

  • Monthly 68+ page magazine —The XK Gazette

  • Expert technical advice

  • Free Classified advertisements

  • Discounts on parts, services & more

  • Buyer's Guide

  • Club Shop

  • Technical advice

Porter Press International

Porter Press publishes the finest selection of top quality Jaguar books in the world, bar none and these are just some of the titles in their portfolio...

Check with Club HQ for your member discount code (valid on most Porter Press titles).

Original Jaguar XK

Reprinted third edition of this perennial best-seller. After five reprints, this book has established itself as the XK bible.

Jaguar C-type - The Autobiography of XKC 051-type

This glorious book tells the story of the celebrated lightweight Jaguar C-type, chassis number XKC 051, that Duncan...

Jaguar XK DIY Restoration & Maintenance

Complete DIY restoration of an early Jaguar XK 120. This is the story of how one man completely restored his 120 roadster...

Jaguar XK 120 - The story of 660725

The third title in the Porter Press Profiles series tells the incredible ‘Ripping Yarn’ of a well-travelled Jaguar XK 120.

Jaguar D-type - The autobiography of XKD 504

The story of one of the most historically interesting of all Jaguar D-types – a car that has raced more than any other D-type.

Jaguar XK 120 - The remarkable history of JWK 651

The story of one of the six alloy-bodied XK 120s that were prepared by Jaguar in 1950 for racing and rallying. It raced in some of the...

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