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Welcome to the International Jaguar XK Club

The only International Club dedicated to classic XK120s, 140s and 150s

James Page (Editor of the XK Gazette) and Philip Porter (Co-founder of the XK Club) discuss the Jaguar XK and the different features of the nine models.

Click the video link to find out more.

See more XK Club videos by clicking the link below.

Spirit of XK – new book exclusively available in the UK through the XK Club

Hans Kuny's passion for the Jaguar XK began in early childhood. As an adult, he began to purchase each of the different models of 120, 140 and 150, along with a Mk VII, Mk VIII and Mk IX – each with its own history.

Spirit of XK – The Hans G. Kuny Collection brings together these histories along with some magnificent photographs, and the story of his collection is one that will fascinate classic XK enthusiasts everywhere.

The book is available for UK customers online via the Club shop. If you are overseas and wish to purchase, please contact the Club office for details.

£82 – limited stock.

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About us

The website, which is actively managed and often updated daily, has a 'Members’ Only' section with a library of technical articles and is ever-expanding.

The Club’s emphasis is very much on using our cars – the XK was designed to be driven!

Thus we have a wide range of events from runs to international tours,  from lunches to weekends, from track days to technical seminars. Many are free of charge or the cost is modest. Above all, we aim to give value for money. Some are organised by HQ, and some by our splendid volunteer Representatives around the UK, Europe, the USA, Australia and many other countries.

man and woman smiling and looking backwards from inside jaguar xk

The XK Gazette​

Take a look at some highlights from this month's edition of the XK Club magazine and download a sample copy of the digital edition – simply click here

Haguar heritage Trust logo

Jaguar Heritage Certificates

Since 1931, details of every SS and Jaguar vehicle that has been produced have been recorded. Initially this was in a bound ledger which was completed as a vehicle made its way down the production line; from the 1980s the company used computerised systems but continued to record the same details.

The Jaguar Daimler Heritage Trust holds these unique production records in the Archive, as well as holding records for some Swallow-bodied and Daimler models. Using these production records we can issue certified Heritage Certificates for vehicles which are more than ten years old showing a vehicle’s entry exactly as it was recorded at the time of production; such as the original colour and trim, dates of build and dispatch as well the original destination and, where recorded, the original registration mark.

xkdata-website-screenshot is a project to help people find information about a particular car or series of cars by serial number.

This site welcomes participation from anyone interested in these cars. We aren't experts, but there is also no exclusivity to the data hosted here. You don't have to be a member to list a car.

In some cases this open model can lead to inaccuracies. But with your help the site can become more accurate. Over time, hopefully more information will be added, corrections will be made, and at the end of the day we'll all know a bit more about a particular car than we would otherwise.

Porter Press International

Porter Press publishes the finest selection of top quality Jaguar books in the world, bar none and these are just some of the titles in their portfolio. Check with Club HQ for your member discount code (valid on most Porter Press titles).


After studying at London's Royal College of Art, Keith secured a job at Jaguar, where he met Sir William Lyons...


A detailed, often humorous account of how a master automotive designer helped Tom Walkinshaw to produce a road car...

Original Jaguar XK

Reprinted third edition of this perennial best-seller. After five reprints, this book has established itself as the XK bible.

This glorious book tells the story of the celebrated lightweight Jaguar C-type, chassis number XKC 051, that Duncan...

Jaguar XK DIY Restoration & Maintenance

Complete DIY restoration of an early Jaguar XK 120. This is the story of how one man completely restored his 120 roadster...

Jaguar D-type - The autobiography of XKD 504

The story of one of the most historically interesting of all Jaguar D-types – a car that has raced more than any other D-type.

Jaguar XK 120 - The remarkable history of JWK 651

The story of one of the six alloy-bodied XK 120s that were prepared by Jaguar in 1950 for racing and rallying. It raced in some of the...

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