US/Canada Area Representation

To contact any of our Representatives, please see the representatives list in the latest issue of the E-type magazine.

​See links below for Representatives in your area:




California (north)

California (south)




Canada: Brad Marsland


Northern California: Tim Barnes

Southern California: Steve Kirby

Connecticut: Tom Jaycox

Florida: Jaime del Valle

Kansas: Ken Smiley

Maryland: David Esch

Mountain States: Randy & Debbie Aagaard

North East: Carl Hanson

South East: Jaime del Valle

Georgia, Carolinas

Texas: Ed Torres

We don't currently have a Representative for all regions.

​If you are based in one of these US States and would like to get more involved in the Club, could organise local meetings, help find new members and have plenty of fun along the way, then please contact Sarah:, tel: +44 (0)1584 781588 for more information.


UK Isle of Man

Ian Thompson

If you would like event information for Isle of Man or general XK information for this area, please get in touch with Ian via the Club Representatives section in the XK Gazette.