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Members' Corner

Members' Corner

A place to share your stories and photos with your fellow members.

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4 October 2022

Jaguar XK - May 2022.jpg

A vision of XK 140 loveliness in Imperial Maroon with contrasting hood (cream leather interior), courtesy of Club member John Barrett.

Says John, "My car is a 140 DHC (807123), previously owned by John Mills in the 1950s, and featured in a David Bentley article in the July 2014 edition of the Gazette. I bought the car in a very sorry state in 1980 and did not drive it until this year as it nears the end of a full restoration. The body and chassis were completely refurbished by Leaping Cats in 2005. The most recent job was a complete and very high-quality re-trim at GB Classic Trim in Nuneaton".

Many thanks for sharing, John.


September 2022

Sharing a few pictures from Tim and Clare Luffingham. Their article on an epic journey to Athens for the Tour de Peloponnese 2022 rally will feature in an upcoming issue of the Gazette, but fit in well here!


Alan Winer, Florida USA - 27th September 2020


After searching for many years, I finally purchased this 1957 XK 140 OTS last September. This matching numbers car was dispatched to Jaguar Cars, New York in January 1957 and it appears to have spent it’s years in this area until my purchase brought it to Florida with only 43,000 original miles.  Shortly afterwards I requested and received a Heritage Certificate which listed: Exterior Paint-Pacific Blue, Interior Trim-Grey and Hood-Black. Upon reading “Appendix 4: Color Schemes” in Jaguar XK140/150 In Detail (Anders Ditlev Clausager, 2017), I was amazed it listed that only one XK140 OTS was produced with this paint, interior trim and hood combination.

What an additional surprise in finding this great car!

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