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Paint Codes

Paint Codes

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XK120 Paint Codes

XK140 Paint Codes

XK150 Paint Codes

Explanatory note to all colour tables 

Various information is given in period sales brochures, etc, but at times this is conflicting to compile the following tables, I have relied heavily on Service Bulletins, and the research of others and in particular Anders Ditlev Clausager, who has the advantage of working at the JHT and having access to all the chassis records, and Roger Mills for his work on modern paint codes. ​Paint used initially was British Domolac Zofelac cellulose enamel (D codes given after colour). Period brochures stated: ‘The colour schemes listed are standard, and any deviation involving special treatment of coachwork and/or upholstery will entail extra 1) In August/September 1952 20 LHD OTS’s and in August 7 LHD FHCs were supplied in Red Sheen. 2) Also known as Cream or Ivory, Chassis Records book states, ‘whenever Cream or Ivory called for, Old English White will be used’. Non-standard paint colours * (1 of each unless indicated): ​ 120 OTS – Primer (8), White (4), Olive Green (2), Blue (2), Yellow (2), Alpine Mist, Apple Green, Blue, Duco, Blue Sheen, Ivory, Metallic Blue, Mid-Brunswick Green, Orchid Blue. 120 FHC – Primer (2), White, Bronze, Green & Cream two-tone (Stirling Moss’s Cream, Connaught Green. 120 DHC – Bronze, Pink, Midnight Blue. charges for which a quotation will be given.’ From late-1952 (coincident, Clausager believes, with the move from the Foleshill factory to Browns Lane), cars were painted with synthetic enamel (J = Pinchin Johnson Q = British Domolac). This change took place from body numbers F.5272 (OTS) and J.2375 (FHC), plus the following earlier cars. OTS: 5082-5102, 5107-5108, 5111-5112, 5115-5125, 5135-5145, 5155-5168, 5173, 5179-5186, 5191-5227, 5234-5270. FHC: 223-2243, 2248-2249, 2252-2253, 2256-2267, 2272-2287, 2292-2309, 2314-2327, 2332-2368. ​1 Arbor (sometimes Arbour) Green is turquoise green/blue.  Non-standard paint colours* (1 of each unless indicated): 140 OTS – Special Red, Ault & Wibourg Blue. Italian Racing Red. 140 FHC – Primer, Dark Blue, Winchester Green, Pastel Green Metalic, Valentine’s Blue, Canary Yellow.  140 DHC – Valentine’s Blue, Dual Grey, Circassian Blue. ​1 Sometimes known as Carmine Red.  The Factory stated: ‘Dual colour schemes (standard colours) XK150 – 15 guineas’. ​Non-standard paint colours * (1 of each unless indicated): 150 OTS – Post Office Red, 140 Red, Crushed Strawberry Red, Lavendar Grey, Speedwell Blue, Larch Green, Shell Grey.  150 FHC – Ferrari Red, 140 Red, Regal Red, Pippin Red, Silver Grey, Dove Grey, Battleship Grey, Lavendar Grey (2), Pacific Blue (2), Horizon Blue, Pastel Blue (6), Circassian Blue, Kensington Blue, Metallic Blue, Turquoise, Velvet Green, Smoke Green, Metallic Silver, Pure White, Apricot, Primrose Yellow. ​150 DHC 140 Red, Maroon, Lavender Grey (2), Battleship Grey (2) Birch Grey, Silver Grey Metallic, Silver, Blue (2), Empress Blue, Pastel Blue (6), Pastel Blue, Metallic, Banff Blue, Midnight Blue, Corsican Blue, Alice Blue, Bronze, Pure White (3), Pastel Green, Beige Metallic, Primrose Yellow * Information from Jaguar XK120 In Detail Jaguar XK140/XK150 In Detail by Anders Ditlev Clausager n/a= not available.

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