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Austria, Vienna: Christian Mitterdorfer

Some years ago I helped form a very active local Jaguar/Daimler group (not an official club) called JDOST (  We have a monthly get-together, organise  tours to  nice sites around Austria, have booths at the two biggest Austrian classic car fairs, organise technical seminars and trips to UK events, provide help in attending classic car rallies in Austria, run safety training days on driving your classic Jaguar and have a good relationship with Jaguar Austria.​

If you would like event information for Austria or general XK information for this area, please get in touch with Christian Mitterdorfer via the Club Representatives section in the XK Gazette.

I live in Vienna and I have been in love with Jaguars and classic cars since growing up.  I have owned an XK8 Convertible, XJ-S and 420G in the past, but my lifetime drem came true just over two years ago when I finally came to own an E-type.

My car is a red LHD 1965 S1 4.2 OTS, bought from a local classic car dealer who searched for exactly this car for me in USA.  I was looking for a good driver in OK condition, which I got, the car was reasonably OK.  But a planned bigger inspection and work-over ended in a full nut and bolt restoration.  I am extremely happy with the result and the car and have used it a lot since, participating in classic car rallies and club tours here in Austria as well as on regular trips, at least in the ‘no-snow’ season.


France South: Jean-Charles Bello

France - XK70 Prelude, 5-7 June

The Club Representative for Denmark, Anton Schulz, has organized an XK70 Prelude Event in France.  The meeting will take place from 5-7 June 2018 at Manoir des Prévanches - 27120 Boisset les Prévanches.  For more details and bookings, see the website:

If you would like event information for France South or general XK information for this area, please get in touch with Jean-Charles Bello via the Club Representatives section in the XK Gazette.


France, Rhone & Swiss - French Alps: Michel Crombe

Michel writes, Up until recently I was the MD of a UK subsidiary of Essilor, based in Thornbury, a multinational group manufacturing optical lenses (for eye glasses).  I am now retired and often between UK and France; more exactly, between Annecy, near Geneva and Bristol, where my family has been living for the past 10 years.  My wife Fiona is Scottish and my two children, Jean Michel and Laura, have dual nationality.

I own a Jaguar XK 140 DHC which I bought from Twyford Moors, five years ago: a left-hand drive car, which is good for me since the car is now based in France.

If you would like event information for France, Rhone & Swiss - French Alps or general XK information for this area, please get in touch with Michel Crombe via the Club Representatives section in the XK Gazette.


Germany South (postcodes 7, 8, 9): Reinhard Pütz

I have owned my XK120 FHC (# 679540) since 1988 when I bought her for €17.000 in a technically rather neglected state with a 2.4 Jaguar engine and three layers of paint on the body. But she obviously has always been on the road and rust was no problem at all.

She was imported from US to Germany in 1984.

Nevertheless in 1990 I started to dismantle her totally, cleaned everything up, looked for a new engine, made a new wiring harness by myself, fixed this and that and finally in 1992 she gleamed again in new British Racing Green paint (sorry, wrong colour for a XK 120).

In the following years she got a Getrag 5-speed gearbox (a 3.77 ratio is not much fun on German highways), another engine rebuild, “hundreds” of wheel calipers and many, many of the costly items which made her look more original (tri pod headlights, right steering wheel, bumpers, etc.).

20 Years later after regular and heavy use the body had suffered a lot and I decided to start the second restoration.

Technically she was in very good order so I could concentrate on the body where sills, B-posts, doors, door hinges, sidelight houses and some areas of minor rust cried for attention.

Again a new (now bought!) wiring harness was installed and the interior benefited from new seats, door cappings, carpets and roof lining.

Much time has been invested in the paint. In order to get a perfect result I then decided to torture the paint shop with wet-flattening.

Now she is in my absolute favourite colour pastel green metallic nicely matching with a dark green interior.

In October 2010 she was on the road again and since then did approx. 12,000km.

The last trip was to Cornwall and Goodwood Revival where I covered 3,600km without any breakdown (well, the wipers are not the best construction…).The 1.250km from Goodwood back to Munich she (and I) did in just 15 hours, only stopping for fuel, oil and food.

Upon arrival I realised painfully that the car felt better then me altough we are almost the same age!

If you would like event information for Germany South or general XK information for this area, please get in touch with Reinhard Pütz via the Club Representatives section in the XK Gazette.


Germany (postcode 6): Peter Heidtmann

If you would like event information for Germany (postcode 6) or general XK information for this area, please get in touch with Peter Heidtmann via the Club Representatives section in the XK Gazette.


Germany West (postcode 0, 1, 2, 3): Bernd Falke

Since 20th July 2015, Bernd Falke, living in Burgdorf near Hannover, has assumed the role of the North German Representative for the XK Club.

Bernd is aged 65 and is a physicist.  He worked for several years with Shell and an Exxon/Shell Joint Venture in Germany, until he decided to retire.

Since 2005 he has been working as a freelance consultant to the energy industry.  He owns a 1958 XK 150 FHC in Old English White with red leather trim.

Besides this, he runs a Daimler Double 6 from 1986 and an XK 8 from 2001.  Having taken over the role from Peter Grundling, Bernd is keen, to continue the work done and add new achievements in broadening the perception of the XK Club in Northern Germany’s Jaguar community.


If you would like event information for Germany (postcode 0, 1, 2, 3) or general XK information for this area, please get in touch with Bernd Falke via the Club Representatives section in the XK Gazette.


Greece: Alexandre Holis

Welcome from your XK Club Representative

Hello, I am Alexandre Holis and I have been the XK Club Representative in Greece since 2008.

I recently also became the E-type Club Representative but have been cultivating my passion for classic cars for many years.

I was born in Athens in 1959. As a student (electronic engineering in Turin – Italy) I had several Innocenti Minis including a Mini Cooper Mk2 – 1968 and  Mini Cooper 1300 – 1975 that even now I use for mountain rallies.

With my wife Aza, I have participated in many rallies, winning more than 100 prizes. After becoming a Manager in Information Technology, I also acquired a 1960 MGA 1600 roadster that is perfect for holidays in the Greek islands, and a Jaguar MK2 3.8 1964 ideal for romantic winter escapes.

In 2013 I completed a meticulous restoration of one of the first gorgeous Jaguar XK150 DHC – 1957 that won first prize at the ’10th PHILPA Concours d’ Elegance 2013′ held in October in the beautiful grounds of Flisvos Marina, near Piraeus.

At this event , 78 excellent cars were on display and distinguished head judges were invited from abroad, including Mr.Carlo Otto Brambilla, Judge’s Secretary of the Concours d’Elegance Villa d’Este, Dott. Stefano Pasini, writer, collector and judge of many Concours events, and Alexander Liokis, member of the Design Department of Maserati.

I lived in Italy for twenty years, and was a member of the technical commission of  ASI (Italian Federation Club that represents FIVA in Italy) for the evaluation of the originality of classic Minis and MGAs .

I am a member of C.M.A.E. Classic Cars Club of Milan and have organised several rallies in Italy for it. I am a member of the GRCC Goodwood, of PHILPA (the Greek Federation Club that represents FIVA in Greece) and I was also co-founder and treasurer of O.R.C.A. Classic Cars Club which organizes rallies in Greece.

I am always interested in any kind of events regarding classic cars for example Concours d’Elegance (Villa d’Este Lake Como Italy), Goodwood Revival and Le Mans Classic, technical seminars (CMC in Bridgnorth, Shropshire, UK and CKL Developments in East Sussex, UK) and historic races as Mille Miglia.


June 17 – 18, 2017 – 7th XK & E-type Club Meeting Greece “Et In Arcadia Ego”


Finland: Kari Kuosmanen

I’m 58 year old, married, and born in Helsinki. In 1987 I bought my first Jaguar –  XK140 OTS SE -56.   have also had XJ6 and XJ12, and still have Rover 75 (-52 and -04).

I’m driven many regularity rallys with my XK, including 1000 Lakes Rally, Midnight Suns Rally, Bavaria Rally, Winter Challenge, MonteCarlo, Coppa del Fiori (sanRemo) and Tour de Corse.

I have been on the board of Finnish Jaguar Drivers Club for several years, also editor in Chief  of “Jaguar News” and later Chairman (during the 1990s).

At the moment I’m responsible for Finnish Regularity Rallys in our National Auto Sporting association (Autoliitto/AL-Sport)

If you would like event information for Finland or general XK information for this area, please get in touch with Kari Kuosmanen via the Club Representatives section in the XK Gazette.


Italy: Stefano Rota

Stefano Rota, writes: I’m passionate fan of Jaguar:  I own an XK 120 OTS from ’51, one of the only 12 CKD (Completely Knocked Down) kits ever built, sent to Ireland and assembled locally. 

If you would like event information for Italy or general XK information for this area, please get in touch with Stefano Rota via the Club Representatives section in the XK Gazette.


Luxembourg: Goy Feltes

At the age of 2 , I participated with my mother in a Concours d’élégance in Luxembourg in my grand father’s Fiat and apparently saw the first XK newly sold in Luxembourg. My brain got a kick!

About 10 years ago I managed to convince the family to sell it to me.

I started collecting motorcycles just before obtaining my driving licence aged 16, finding a cheap one, rebuilding it, selling it off, and buying 2 or 3 instead: being a student was great. As an airline captain and with a family  of two children, the restoration was a bit slower but collecting cars followed – including Sunbeam Alpines and Alfa Romeos. The Jaguar collection started in 1998 with a SS100, XK120, C Heritage, 140,150, E, XJC, XJS , one at a time.

Best regards

Goy Feltes, Luxembourg XK representative  since the start of the Club

If you would like event information for Luxembourg or general XK information for this area, please get in touch with Goy Feltes via the Club Representatives section in the XK Gazette.


Norway: Fred Ljone

If you would like event information for Norway or general XK information for this area, please get in touch with Fred Ljone via the Club Representatives section in the XK Gazette.


Swizerland: Ronald Lorijn

Dear XK Club Friends,It is a pleasure to introduce myself to you as your Swiss representative. Having lived in the beautiful city of Lucerne since 1993 my family and I have been able to discover and enjoy the beauties of this mountainous country. For a Dutchman coming from the Lowlands a daily treat. Having been trained and worked as an obstetrician/gynecologist during 12 years, I changed my professional

world in 1985 by joining the biotechnology world. Since that moment the excitement in developing innovative medicines for patients with serious debilitating disorders has never disappeared. During all the years we have been together my wife, Rosa Maria, and I have also tried to guide and educate our three fantastic children, two daughters and one son. Today all of them live with their own families in different places, the USA, the Netherlands and Spain. Good reason for travel and family reunions, especially as the family has grown by five grandchildren.

Having been a car enthusiast all my life, it took till December 2010 before I could park my own 1954 XK120 DHC in our garage. This black lady found a good place besides her granddaughter, a new XJ. The first important trip with the XK we made last year: more than 5000km (over 3000 miles), enjoying the tour set out by Ricardo Galvani and his team in Spain. Also this year we look forward to enjoy the fun of having this beautiful car. Both trips through the mountains of Switzerland, as well as the Liege-Brescia-Liege tour are in the agenda. And being your representative I hope to be able to serve you and the Club appropriately. Don’t hesitate to contact me in case I can be of help to you.

If you would like event information for Swizerland or general XK information for this area, please get in touch with Ronald Lorijnvia the Club Representatives section in the XK Gazette.


Sweden: Joel Berg

My name is Joel Berg I am an Art Director/Designer who has been working all over the world since I was 20 years of age, I moved back to native Sweden five years ago when me and my family  my wife and three children) felt a bit tired of being expats.

I have been interested in cars all my life this is something that my father and I shared, he being an Architect, me being Designer Art Director our main and foremost interest was the aesthetics of the cars, both as a whole sculpture but also in detail.

This of course got me in to Jaguars, where my first car was a 1964 S1 3.8 Coupe that I got when I was 18, restored it with my father, and I still have it.

The refinement of car interest grows with time as we all know so today my Jaguar garage is the following,

1949 Jaguar XK 120 Aluminium #670035

1949 Jaguar XK 120 Aluminium #670036

1952 Jaguar C-Type  #XKC016

1961 Jaguar MK2 3.8

1964 Jaguar E-Type 3.8 Coupe

Other things that are occupying my garage

1923 Vauxhall 14/40

1926 Bugatti T37

1927 Bugatti T37A

1952 Land Rover

1961 Norton Manx 500

1964 Ferrari GT Lusso

1965 Cooper F3 T76

1973 Porsche RS 2.7


I do enjoy my cars a lot and drive them at various rallys and races, now in May I going to do the Mille Miglia for the 11th time, third time in my C-Type that actually did the Mille Miglia in 1953.

JB pic.jpeg

If you would like event information for Sweden or general XK information for this area, please get in touch with Thomas Zetterberg the Club Representatives section in the XK Gazette.


Denmark: Paul Hargreaves

I believe there was something in the air growing up close to Goodwood that gave

me a taste for cars of a certain period early on. I am member of the GRRC and

really enjoy taking my sons, aged 11 and 14, to the Members Meeting and Revival

each year.


Having had a number of two seaters, with a growing family, I needed something

with back seats (however small). Loving the lines and purr of the XK, we were

really pleased when Ian Mills of Twyford Moors found us our XK140 FHC nearly

10 years ago. It is wonderful to drive and quickly became my daily driver over in

Kent. I was particularly lucky as the car was well known in the area and I could continue the car’s relationship with the excellent Roses Garage in Sandwich. We’ve driven the XK on short rallies, track days, concours’ and laps of the Le Mans circuit during the Classic.


Taking up a pharmaceutical executive position in Denmark seven years ago, we crossed the North Sea leaving our cars behind in storage. I missed driving real cars so bought a Volvo P1800S as my main driver here in Copenhagen. As this has been in restoration for a couple of years, I imported my Caterham 7, which seems as rare on Danish roads as our XKs. Hopefully, in the very near future, we will be reunited with our XK also.


I’m really pleased to be taking on the area representative role and would like to also thank Anton for his contribution to the club here in Denmark; he was very helpful to me when we moved here.


I look forward to meeting with other local members and seeing what we can arrange and maybe helping some of our non-Danish members on some driving routes through this lovely country.

PJH _ Goodwood in the XK.jpg

If you would like event information for Denmark or general XK information for this area, please get in touch with Paul Hargreaves the Club Representatives section in the XK Gazette.


Netherlands: Chris de Groot and Roel Bloem

I was born in Utrecht, married with Gisella and we have a lovely daughter

Lotte. The three of us drive with our 1954 120 OTS. One of the last times

our daughter was driving with the 120 was during the Gran Premio

Nuvolari in Italy, where the both of us drove parts of the route. We

wrote about our Gran Premio Nuvolari experience in the December

2018 issue of the XK Gazette.


How did I get involved with Jaguar? I started as an Alfa Romeo aficionado.

Oops. But friends of ours all drive classic British cars - MG, Healey,

Jaguar, Aston Martin, etc. So they pushed me to buy an British icon.

I’ve looked at several cars and models, but from day one one, the

XK 120 OTS was my favourite. So, almost 10 years ago, my wife and I bought the XK 120 OTS. It’s an SE model, with enough power in Old English White with an burgundy interior. And, am I still an Alfa Romeo aficionado? Yes, I am. But, since we bought the XK, I’m also a very big XK aficionado. You can love both marques and appreciate the history of both marques I learned during the years. It’s like the black and white keys of a piano. They fit together perfectly.


Because I’m a driver, we are driving with the cars. My first car was an Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GT Veloce from 1967 which we still have. I bought this car when I was 18 years old. After that one, a few other Alfa Romeo’s where added to the stable. We are also driving rally’s, where we use either an Alfa Romeo Giulia 1600 TI, or the Jaguar XK 120. The last rally we drove was in China, where we drove the YRD, the Yangtze River Delta Classic. A great experience where Roel and Inez Bloem were also taking part with their red XK 150.


Our 120 is one of my favourite cars. With its 6-cylinder, 3.4 litre engine and 180 BHP it drives fantasticlly! We drive the Jaguar to events in The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg, to UK club weekends, etc. But we also use it in rallies like the Tulip Partnerrallye in the Netherlands and the Gran Premio Nuvolari in Italy. We did drive the Gran Premio Nuvolari four times now, and the Jaguar always performs perfectly. It is SUCH a pleasure to drive the big cat with all its power through the Italian countryside.


We have been members of the XK club for almost 10 years now, and we really feel ourselves at home at the club. The atmosphere is friendly and the feeling of camaraderie is heartwarming. We have been to 6 or 7 XK club weekends, and it always feels good.


I’m going to be the Representative for The Netherlands together with Roel Bloem. We are going to organise one or more (social) events and tours/rallies per year to maintain existing Jaguar friendships and build new ones. If you have a question, just give me a call or send an email.


Best regards,


Chris de Groot



Married to Inez, we have three grown boys and always enjoyed old cars.

We started our ‘oldtimer’ business around 45 years ago with the

restoration of a Peugeot 301 sedan.


I never finished that restoration but sold it again in bits and pieces.

In 2003 we started again with a Morgan +8, a great car but not old

enough to participate in classic car rallies. So a year later came the 

first Jaguar, a bright red XK 150 FHC (our fireman’s car - for the chief

of course). We still own that car and with it made some fantastic journeys

– in the USA from New York to Los Angeles via Route 66 and last year

China, the Yangtse Delta Rally around Shanghai.


Inez proved to be a keen navigator and over the years we also participated in more or less “serious” rallying, having multiple finishes in events like the Tulpenrallye, the Winter Trial and Gran Premio Nuvolari etc.


A few years after the FHC we bought a XK 150 DHC as Inez likes to feel the wind in her hair! We took this car on a trip around Croatia. Recently I finished the restoration of a XK 120 OTS. Shortly after finishing the restoration we were very lucky to receive admission to the Mille Miglia 2018, where our sons followed us as ‘service team’ in our SUV. Apart from a broken headlight we did not encounter any problems. Our sons enjoyed the Mille Miglia and they were very lucky to obtain an (not expected) entry.


And so it happened that in 2019 the Bloem family drove the MM again, now with the boys in the XK120 and us, as parents, as the ‘service team’ following. And, again, no problems with the XK120! The Mille Miglia is in our eyes indeed the most beautiful race in the world as the Italians themselves call it and, if you have the opportunity, we highly recommend doing it once. As an alternative try the Gran Premio Nuvolari – we find it has the same great atmosphere but it is less demanding.


During this Covid-19 period we only manage to make short trips around the area where we live on our own, but the aim is, together with Chris, to organise/facilitate gatherings a few times a year. We look with envy at the frequently organised and well participated gatherings in de UK and will try and hope to achieve some of that success in The Netherlands! So all stay safe and let’s defeat the virus . Please feel free to contact me by phone or email when you have any questions.


Best regards,


Roel Bloem

If you would like event information for Denmark or general XK information for this area, please get in touch with Paul Hargreaves the Club Representatives section in the XK Gazette.



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