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About our Representatives​

They are, naturally, great Jaguar XK enthusiasts. To get an idea of where that passion may have begun, or what made the XK stand out, we asked each of them to tell us about their first, most important, or most entertaining XK memory. 

Read what they have to say below...

To get in touch with any of our Representatives, please see the contact list in the latest issue of the XK Gazette.

​See links below for Representatives in your area:

Austria, Vienna: Christian Mitterdorfer

"To be honest, I was a late starter with XK. My initial Jaguar attraction was clearly driven by the E-type and it was only later that I got more and more attracted by the XK, having seen them on various events like club tours or classic car rallies. The pure form of the XK appealed to me the most - the first version (for me) shows the most attractive form. Today luckily both park in my garage."

Belgium: Jérôme Vryghen

Finland: Kari Kuosmanen

France, Rhone & Swiss - French Alps: Michel Crombe

"When I first stopped in Clanfield in a show room of a Garage - which was Twyford Moors..." 

France South: Jean-Charles Bello

"In the late 60s when I was in London."

Germany Central: (postcode 6)

Germany South: Reinhard Pütz (postcodes 7, 8, 9)

Germany West: Bernd Falke (postcodes 0, 1, 2, 3)

Greece: Alexandre Holis

Italy: Stefano Rota

"I became passionate about vintage cars in 2005, buying a Fiat 124 Spider. Two years later I was looking for a restoration project, and I saw a Jaguar XK for the first time - it was an XK150S and it immediately looked beautiful to me! It was love at first sight, and my research ended in 2008 with the purchase of a very special XK120 OTS: it is one of the 12 Irish XK120s so called CKD (Completely Knocked Down). After 4 years of restoration in 2012 I was able to fulfil my dream of driving an XK120, and the pleasure has grown ever since for this wonderful car."

Luxembourg: Goy Feltes

"As a British car enthusiast, you meet Jaguar rather sooner than later, so after the lovely XJC, I looked deeper into the Jaguar World and it is no wonder that XK 140 and 150s are the top!!

Netherlands: Chris de Groot and Roel Bloem

de Groot 4.jpg
Roel Bloem 1.JPG

Norway: Fred Ljone

Sweden: Joel Berg

"My first Jaguar memory is not really an XK memory (where in the US it would considered as such) I was five years old and a friend of the family took me for a ride in his 4.2 E-type. This man's idea of driving was something different, instead of 'stay in your lane and pass slower traffic' he stayed in the opposite lane with oncoming traffic and just moved not to hit whoever was coming towards him, and, of course ,as fast as the car could go... "Since then I have been quite hooked on Jaguars and still am. I bought my first car when I was 18 years old - a 1964 FHC E-type that I still own and drive. My interest has matured with time and I now have two XK120s and a C-type that I enjoy driving in different rallies and races."

JB pic.jpeg

Swizerland: Peter Wiget 

​If you are based in Denmark, Portugal, Spain, Northern France or Eastern Europe and would like to get more involved in the Club, could organise local meetings, help find new members and have plenty of fun along the way, then please contact Sarah on, tel: +44 (0)1584 781588 for more information.

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